Performance Testing:

VO2max Testing, $100.00 per test OR $150 for both bike and run

3D Motion Capture Dynamic Bike Fit

V02max, or maximal aerobic capacity, measures your body’s ability to transport and utilize oxygen during exercise. This test is considered to be the best measurement of your cardiorespiratoy fitness.

The test involves measuring inspired and expired levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide while exercising on a treadmill or cycle ergometer. The test progresses from easy warm up stages to a maximal effort. Your score represents the maximal amount of oxygen you utilize. The higher your score the higher your fitness.

Lactate Threshold Testing, $75.00 per single test or $140.00 for both bike and run

2D Advanced Bike Fit with Video Analysis

A small amount of blood is extracted from an athlete’s finger while performing a bicycle or treadmill test. Heart rate and mph/power recorded during the test. The data provides the athlete and your coach with valuable data; which than can be used to determine precise training zones or for predicting the perfect pace on the bike or run.

The Lactate Threshold (LT) test measures lactic acid (or lactate) levels in the blood in response to increasing exercise intensity. Lactate Threshold is used by most of the world’s leading athletes to precisely determine appropriate training zones. Blood lactate levels reflect the balance of lactate production versus clearance of lactate. At low to moderate-intensity, lactate levels will increase slightly above resting values, but will remain constant as long as the exercise intensity remains constant.